Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Man I Desire Has Got To:

** This came across my desk today... what do you think about this list? Any additions/deletions??

The Man I Desire Has Got To:

Love, honor and have a relationship with God
Love, respect and support the women in his life
Have a stable career
Manage his money responsibly
Love music
Be committed to uplifting the community
Be secure with himself... his success, his failures, his shortcomings
Want children or take care of the children he already has
Be mentally stable with a normal dose of psychosis (hey, we're all crazy at some point in our lives!)
Honest, open and expressive communicator
A man who I can trust and share my past, my failures and my joys with
A man who knows how to lead and isn't afraid to be the head
A man who shies away from asking a woman for money
A man who knows that I love , Friends, Girlfriends, The Food Network, reality tv, musicals, good books, good wine my yahoogroups and leaves me alone when I want to indulge
A man who is comfortable enough with himself to share his innermost secrets
A man who is well-versed in literature, religion and politics
A man who shares my love of music, literature, social scenes, movies
A man who has a positive attitude about himself and about life in general
A man who I can physically and emotionally rely upon (if need be) - I want to be able to seek him first and not my daddy to fix things or my girlfriends for support...
A man who knows that I am an observer and a lover of beautiful things yet secure and knows that he's the only one that I want


HARMON said...

WELL I AM sure you will find the one, you are truly deserving of a man that you describe in your writing.

Regina said...

Nice check list. When you find him let me know if he has a brother...