Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Thought for today...

When we react to something, we are tapping into our animal nature. As far as we know, animals are not able to access that split second before a response. Their desires are compulsive, and their reactions are as well; they go for the instant gratification.

When we pause first or restrict our response, however, we are tapping into our God nature. We are choosing to no longer be the effect of our desire. Instead, we are choosing to be the cause.

Restriction, by the way, doesn't mean that we won't decide to satiate that desire after all. It just means that we pause and make a conscious decision.

Today, do whatever it is you do. Just make sure you're doing it by choice, not habit.

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Christine Pembleton said...

Hi. Connie. Was thinking of you today and wanted to stop by your blog. Hope you're doing well. Stay in touch. - Christine Pembleton