Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I am really digging this one! The bottom line is I have to learn....

Someone can love you, but you make yourself happy.
Someone can teach you, but you must apply what you learn.
Someone can coach you, but you must win the game.
Someone can give you an opportunity, but you must show up capable and prepared.
Someone can tell you truth or lies, but you must learn discernment.
Someone can tempt you, but you must learn discipline.
Someone can offer you advice, but you must learn to trust your own inner knowing.
Someone can be selfish and withhold love, but you must learn how to give.
Someone can pity you, but you must learn to bear your own sorrow.
Someone can reject and leave you, but you must learn to feel whole.
Someone can ignore you, but you must see your own value and worth.
Someone can help you, but you must learn to do for self.
Someone can hold a grudge, but you must learn how to forgive.
Someone can show you a new way, but you must want the change.
Someone can offer you love, but you must feel worthy of receiving love.
Someone can encourage you, but you must motivate yourself.

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